Infographic: Choosing Your Digital Transformation Platform

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digital transformation platforms intro picture - Infographic: Choosing Your Digital Transformation Platform

Part two of a four-part series on what you need to know about digital transformation to stay relevant and competitive in the digital age

First Things First:  A Quick Recap and Definition

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology to change the way a business operates – from improving procedures, to how employees and customers interact with the company, to how it delivers value. Today’s buyers are digitally savvy and have strong preferences to technology-enabled processes and devices. What is your company doing to stay relevant and competitive in the digital age?

In the first part of our digital transformation series, we covered the basics and importance of digital transformation (it’s not just a buzzword!) and how to develop an effective digital transformation strategy. Go here to read the article.

Cloud or On Premises? How to Find the Key Fit for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Now we’ll discuss another key piece of the digital transformation puzzle: the technology platform that allows you to use your technology tools. This can include public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises data centers. But how do you know which option is best for your company?

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing to maintain data and applications in the cloud or on premises, you have a lot of choices, and it really is something you can design to your specifications. There is no right or wrong way, just what is best for your organization’s needs. However, you can guess that with all these options, there are a lot of considerations to be made in evaluating the platforms.

A senior IT professional or trusted IT partner is the best guide to you on this decision. However, don’t let them go it alone because you have to provide input on something extremely important in order to ensure a successful platform for your goals. It’s called a data usage review. This involves mapping out your data, including who uses it, how they use it, and how they share it.

The answers to these questions will be used to determine what platform(s) will work best for what you are trying to accomplish. You can then talk about the pros and cons of each of these four models and how they apply to your existing and future digital needs.

Digital Transformation Platforms – at a Glance

As a quick reference, and to help you get the conversation started, we’ve put together this infographic of cloud and on premises definitions, benefits and situations for which they work best.

digital transformation platforms infographic 650 - Infographic: Choosing Your Digital Transformation Platform

Making Sense of the Options

Knowing your cloud and on-premises platform options and deploying the right ones is a critical part of the digital transformation process. Contact us for more information on platform selection and implementation and how it can help you support your digital transformation journey.

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