The SSR engagement methodology begins with an assessment of your IT environment and evaluation of how your environment is aligned with your business plan.  The assessment provides both you and SSR with a blueprint of your systems while identifying areas of need and prioritizing them. If there are immediate remediation issues, we will identify them and quickly set-up a plan with you to resolve them.

Our in-depth, proprietary assessment document is a roadmap which allows you to better understand your current IT environment, to identify if you are ready for a new solution and to plan for the future.

It is important that your IT environment is aligned with your business plans, otherwise your technology may become an obstacle to your business attaining your milestones, objectives, and goals.

As our client’s needs have expanded, so has SSR’s assessment portfolio, which includes:

  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Software Assessments
  • Security Assessments
  • Resource Assessments
  • IT Organization, Department, and Individual Assessments

SSR’s assessment portfolio can help you align your technology environment with your business plans and support you in moving your business forward.

Case Study

The Milwaukee County Register of Deeds (ROD)

Challenge – More than 100,000 searches of The Milwaukee County Register of Deeds (ROD) records are performed by the public each year. As such, major problems with slowdowns and backups to the government computer system were making it unreliable. At times, it was expected that the system would be down two to three times a week. When a software vendor and the County IT department couldn’t come up with a solution, ROD contacted SSR. With experience on several other projects with Milwaukee County, SSR provided holistic IT solutions.

Solution – SSR engineers conducted a comprehensive assessment of ROD, examining hardware, software configuration and connectivity issues. SSR researched the ROD business process, crafted a design for the system and an implementation plan. After working with the application teams, SSR then turned the computer environment back over to the county for network support.

Results – The computer outages, that once happened two to three times a week, are no longer an issue.  Residents are able to easily locate records and access results. Productivity is up while costs are down.