With more than 100 manufacturers as clients, SSR brings industry expertise when designing, implementing, and supporting technology strategies for manufacturing companies. We offer professional IT consultation and services that help manufacturers avoid unnecessary IT expenditures while improving productivity and profitability and reducing risk. We provide best practices in IT so you don’t have to manage it on your own, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

SSR has delivered a variety of IT services and solutions for manufacturers, including:

  • Providing complete IT outsourcing through our Total IT program for a number of manufacturing companies, allowing them to focus on their business rather than trying to keep up with technology
  • Developed a custom solution for an airplane hangar and industrial door systems manufacturer that allowed contracted and in-house design engineers to work and collaborate in 3D CAD from multiple work sites
  • Implemented electronic data exchange (EDI) and shop-floor wireless for an RFID and automated inventory solution for a metal fabricator, streamlining order and payment processing and labor collection

NIST SP 800-171: Helping Manufacturers Meet Cyber Security Standards

SSR can help you ensure that data residing on your IT system is safeguarded from cyber incidents in order to meet the compliance requirements set forth by the Department of Defense in NIST SP 800-171. Learn more.


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Client Testimonial: American Roller Company

SSR helped our client increase efficiencies by transforming a manual, paper-heavy process into a time-saving digital process by developing a custom software application.

Case Study: Triangle Tool Corp.


Challenge – Triangle Tool Corporation, a firm specializing in injection mold design, manufacturing and  custom machining located in northwest Milwaukee, was using outdated and unreliable servers. The company was not aware that when a typical server is used, it’s only operating at about 6% to 10% of total capacity, leaving paid resources sitting around and doing nothing.

Because SSR technicians had been working with Triangle Tool as the company’s main source of technical support for nearly a decade, they knew the infrastructure and recommended virtualization as a logical fit.

Solution – Virtualization software, often referred to as the “Hypervisor,” allows for multiple operating systems to be segmented into virtual machines using just one piece of hardware. Virtual machines can be added to a server to increase productivity and efficiency for a business IT system.

“First, we had to understand what virtualization meant and how it would benefit us over our current setup,” says Marc Krewald, onsite system administrator at Triangle Tool Corporation. “We were new to the technology, but for SSR, it was a matter of explaining the setup process and implementing the updated system without causing any significant downtime.”

Results – Triangle Tool’s days of operating a server at such a low capacity are gone thanks to SSR. SSR consolidated the environment from several servers down to two servers and a Storage Area Network (SAN).

Except for normal updates, virtualization has been self-supporting and the company now spends less money on maintenance, power, space and downtime, allowing Triangle Tool to spend more time on designing and manufacturing molds and tooling.

“SSR engineers come in once a month to check over the system and make sure it’s running smoothly,” adds Krewald. “There have been no major issues on the project, and we are satisfied with the end result.”