Points of Difference

Trust. Communication. Expertise. Protection.                                     

Lean on us for expertise, experience and efficiency to bolster your IT plan, so you can focus on doing what you do best — your business.

Technology You Can Trust

  • Your True Business Partner: SSR’s goal is to help you increase productivity and profitability while reducing your risk and eliminating unnecessary IT expenditures. We treat our clients like partners, and we offer solutions to business problems, not just IT problems — connecting your business goals with the best technology for your needs.
  • Proven Credibility for Peace of Mind: We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and ethics, as if we are shareholders in your company. We are proud that our growth has been spurred by earning the trust of our clients whom form long-term relationships with us and recommend us to others.
  • An Entire Team Behind You: Anytime you need help, SSR has multiple resources to address your issue. In fact, our clients have an entire technology team at their disposal, and that’s invaluable.
  • Always in Your Best Interest: Our Engineers are not compensated on a commission-basis, so you can be sure our recommendations are in your best interest. In addition, we are product agnostic, meaning that the solutions we provide are designed for your needs.

Communication You Can Count On

  • Keeping You in the Loop: We offer accountability in knowing who is working on your technology at all times, submitting proposals with measurable deliverables, and offering a real common sense approach to business — one that engages our clients and lets them know where we are on a project at all times. Our proposals, project plans and invoices all have the same milestones, so you know that we’ve done what we said we were going to do.
  • Speaking Your Language: It’s not necessary for our customers to “speak” technology. Whether you have IT expertise or not, SSR Engineers are skilled at effectively communicating technical information in a way that makes sense. They meet with you during each on-site visit to answer questions and provide updates
  • Making it Easy: Our proprietary Manage-IT tool facilitates two-way communication within your organization and SSR, allowing you to report issues in a matter of seconds. Using Manage-IT simplifies the process of requesting assistance and provides records of IT tasks, issues and preventative maintenance.

Expertise You Can Lean On

  • Staying Ahead of Trends: Because technology evolves, so do we. As such, we invest in the education of our team. They remain current with best practices and receive advanced training to serve you at the highest of standards.
  • Breadth & Depth of Knowledge: At SSR, we bring a wide range of skills and a team approach to serve the needs of our customers. Our Engineers take pride in their work, using practical ideas to transform and strengthen your IT infrastructure. And when projects require innovative thinking, our team supplies an “outside the box” approach to quickly build a custom solution.
  • Your Total IT Solution: Total IT, our scalable package of technology services, gives you a full suite of technology functions so you don’t have to use several different firms to fulfill your technology needs. Total IT encompasses help desk, 24/7 managed services, engineering solutions, software development, sourcing/staffing and virtual CIO services. Learn more here.

Protection Measures So You Can Safeguard

  • Background checks: Our extensive high-level background checks are above and beyond that of other technology firms and are updated on an annual basis. These screenings are equivalent to the inspections required by some government and law enforcement agencies and ensure there are no risks to the safety and security of your company.
  • Insurance: While most of our competitors only carry general liability insurance, SSR holds general liability, professional liability E&O (errors and omission) coverage, and cybercrime liability insurance.
  • Security: Our Engineers report on every interaction with our clients. We have established security measures in place, including compliance-based assessments. We employ cyber forensics protection in computer storage media and offer intrusion detection and prevention programs to audit IT network systems for potentially damaging activity.
  • Credential Management: When it comes to password management, most technology services providers use the same passwords for all their clients, which is a risky approach. With SSR’s credential manager, all administrative passwords are unique and recorded, so we know who has seen and worked on a client network.